Friday, April 01, 2005

Outta This World with HITS!

My Guilt-Free blog got HIT yesterday!!! Where it usually averages 100 hits per day, a good day will be close to 200 and a great day reaches 300. Yesterday, something happened, and we registered 1,071 hits! Exactly. Evidently, I've been added to just the right list, and hundreds of new readers found my site! I had 55 returning readers, which has happened before, but over 400 1st-timers! Wow.

Now if I can only keep producing quality articles to keep their interest. Ooh, the pressure! I hope the families who visit my site find the help they need to make their homeschools FIT their lifestyles. Nothing hurts in more places than a homeschool regimen that doesn't fit.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Why I Read "The Stats"

I absolutely LOVE looking up the stats in the morning and finding that someone has visited the HS blog overnight, reading page after page after page. Last night, someone had taken The Quiz and then linked to GFHS, reading 17 pages!

It is gratifying for me to picture that harried parent, sitting bleary-eyed in front of their computer at 3am, desperately surfing for solutions to the problems facing their family. And then they stumbled across my quiz. I hope they got a few chuckles from it. Best of all, they clicked on the "visit my blog" link and then -- the fun began. I pray that they found the answers they needed.

The reason I write that blog is for the person sitting up at 3am, not sleeping, worrying over how to improve their children's education. I hope I helped. I hope they come back.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

"You're anemic! Reeeeeeally anemic." Those were the doctor's words. He said my red blood cells are pink and wimpy. So the fact that I have pink lemonade in my veins would account for the lack of energy and endurance and shortness of breath. It could also explain why I'm have trouble thinking -- my brain is suffocating.

Hence, the lack of posts on Guilt-Free. I want to post more. I think about posting more. But actually accomplishing stuff is really difficult. I get up from a chair or sofa in the living room, and by the time I have walked 10 steps to the kitchen, I am exhausted.

I did manage to do some site maintenance stuff (title archive), but that was much harder than it looks. I had it about 1/2 done on the template editor page of Blogger, when my foggy, oxygen-deprived brain let me punch the wrong button. POOF! No more progress! So I retired to my chair once again, ate some raisins, and took a little nap. I started over -- this time writing the HTML into a Word document -- and got it done in a couple of spurts. Copy, paste, edit, edit, edit. Check, recheck, edit, done. With about 10,000 more steps than that, but done.

So I am taking some un-yummy-looking BLACK pills that are iron supplements, plus a multi-vitamin, and talking to more doctors about more tests. Funsville. At least my hubby is babying me and making me steaks. :) And I hope to be back to my old self soon. My brain will appreciate the fresh air.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Back Home Again

I have spent most of the past 4 days at my dd's apartment, cleaning up for her, shopping with her, having fun, relaxing, and gaining perspective. It was great. I enjoyed myself.

I have not gotten any new articles written or posted on GFHS, but I have done some other blog work. Jenny and I spent some time here at home (we came back together for eye appointments during the 4-day span) and did some maintenance work on the blog. She gave me some more tips for turning ideas into actual articles -- always needed. And I jotted a few notes down for more article ideas or expanding current ideas.

We watched a few Gilmore Girls episodes from her Season 1 DVD. Now I understand it better -- the pilot episode explained some of the reasons for the weird relationships. I may be hooked.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Hey! Somebody give the place a shove!

Blogger has been stuck for a while. It wouldn't acknowledge (on the dashboard) that my Guilt-Free Homeschooling site had any more than 57 posts. (I counted them up one day and proved to myself that there were more.) So, today, I went to my old Being Salt and Light blog (where I post spiritual insights, visions, and other fun stuff) and added a couple of things I'd been meaning to get to. And now, suddenly, Blogger recognizes that GFHS has 66 posts! Amazing.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Ta Da... I Did It!

Okay, okay, okay... Jenny's been telling me for a long time that I needed this additional blog just for venting purposes, so watch out for the occassional blasts of steam. :)