Tuesday, November 23, 2004

"You're anemic! Reeeeeeally anemic." Those were the doctor's words. He said my red blood cells are pink and wimpy. So the fact that I have pink lemonade in my veins would account for the lack of energy and endurance and shortness of breath. It could also explain why I'm have trouble thinking -- my brain is suffocating.

Hence, the lack of posts on Guilt-Free. I want to post more. I think about posting more. But actually accomplishing stuff is really difficult. I get up from a chair or sofa in the living room, and by the time I have walked 10 steps to the kitchen, I am exhausted.

I did manage to do some site maintenance stuff (title archive), but that was much harder than it looks. I had it about 1/2 done on the template editor page of Blogger, when my foggy, oxygen-deprived brain let me punch the wrong button. POOF! No more progress! So I retired to my chair once again, ate some raisins, and took a little nap. I started over -- this time writing the HTML into a Word document -- and got it done in a couple of spurts. Copy, paste, edit, edit, edit. Check, recheck, edit, done. With about 10,000 more steps than that, but done.

So I am taking some un-yummy-looking BLACK pills that are iron supplements, plus a multi-vitamin, and talking to more doctors about more tests. Funsville. At least my hubby is babying me and making me steaks. :) And I hope to be back to my old self soon. My brain will appreciate the fresh air.


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